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So this is this is the lovely gal that is claiming to have drawn my Medusa (which is my most stolen design, I drew it custom for my friend Wade and tattooed it on him 2 years ago when I first came to ADTC and have unfortunately seen it tattooed many times since)

I messaged her and tried to handle it internally, but instead of responding to me she apparently posted a video calling me an unoriginal plagiarist cunt. 

Like I would go out of my way to throw a fit if I wasn’t the original artist, I still have that sketch, I even still have the pencil in the original photo, and anyone who is familiar with my work recognizes one of my lady heads right off the bat, I’m not outraged because I’m right - you can’t argue with the person who actually drew it. I feel like a fucking paladin right now with a bubble of righteous glowing might because I am right. There’s no gray area here. 

I’m too tired of this shit constantly happening to really wage war anymore, but I’ll happily put her on front street so any other artists can watch out (apparently she takes tattoo design commissions based off of a portfolio of stolen work.)

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